Branded Chems:  In this category we have included 6 of our products including Synthacaine, Phenzacaine, NRG-3, K-Pax Ultra, K-Pax, Dr Buzz Pellets & our newest addition 3phoria. All products are available in stock.
Cannabinoids: This exciting group of benzazole and indazole chemicals consists of a number of products which include SGT-263, NM-2201, MMB-CHMINACA, MAB-CHMINACA, Herbal Incense, FUB-AMB, 5F-AKB57 and many others. The effects of these research chemicals can be studied in a laboratory setting.
Cathinones: These are labeled as cousins of amphetamine drugs like methamphetamine itself and MDMA. The products available in this category include NRG-3, N-Ethyl-Hexedrone, Ephylone, Dibutylone, 4-MPD, 4-CMC and others. All these are available at FATRICHFOX and the rates are quite affordable.
C-Liquids: Available at affordable price in stock.
Diarylethylamines:  These consist of two aryl groups and one ethyl group. Methoxphenidine and diphenidine belong to this category.
Dissociatives: These include Methoxphenidine, Diphenidine, 3-MeO-PCP and 2-FDCK.
Herbal, Incense: Available at an affordable rate.
Lysergamide:  These are one of the most commonly used research chemicals. Their properties have been studied for years
Nootropics: Noopept comes in this group. FATRICHFOX EU is one of the only stores in the research chemicals market that supplies this compound.
Phenethylamines: This category includes products like Isopropylphenidate(IPH), Ethylphenidate, 6-APB, Dibutylone and 2C-B-FLY.
Psychedelics: This class of substance always contains a benzene ring. Examples include MiPT fumarate, MET Fumarate, DPT Hydrochloride, AL-LAD etc. All these products are readily available in our online store. Our helpdesk support staff can help you choose the right research chemical for your study.
Sedatives: The substances in this category are useful for sedation of research subjects. These include Flunitrazolam, Fluclotizolam, Etizolam and Clonazolam.
Stimulants: These are responsible for excitatory effects. A large number of products come under this category.
Tryptamines::  A hallucinogenic substance available in various forms.
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