Research Chemical 5-MAPB has been on the market since 2011 as a research drug.

The drug is also called Benzo.

Available in powder, Its effect is similar to that of MDMA.

From FATRICHFOX.COM we would like to draw your attention to the dangers and safety.

Synonyms: (1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine), 5-(2-methylaminopropyl)benzofuran


Quantity Price
1 - 4 50.00
5 - 9 42.00
10 - 19 34.00
20+ 23.00


5-MAPB powder information

5-MAPB is also called Benzo. We have several Research Chemicals.

Hazard statements 5-MAPB powder:

  • The powder can cause respiratory and eye irritation.
  • Never discharge research chemicals into the environment.
Precautionary statements 5-MAPB powder:

IF YOU CONTACT 5-MAPB Powder with the eyes: Rinse carefully with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, remove contact lenses if necessary.

In case of skin contact: Rinse with water, if possible also with soap. Inhalation: Take fresh air and adopt a position that promotes breathing.

  • Do not expose to heat sources.
  • Store it in a dry environment at room temperature and store in a good container and keep out of reach of children.
  • A good stability of Benzo Powder under the above conditions can last up to 2 years.